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Eclipse & New Moon In Scorpio Manifestation and Tapping Workshop 10/25/22 | 12:00 - 1:15 pm (PST)

Have you ever experienced your electronics going haywire and you know you need to "re-start, re-fresh, or re-boot" and once you re-start it, everything is working again? That is the gift of the New Moon, the Universe is setting up to help you "re-boot," and let's be honest, we could all use a re-fresh button once in awhile when it comes to our life.

I am so excited to create this space and opportunity for you to do just that. It is so easy to get caught up in life and what is thrown at us that we loose site of our dreams, desires, and goals. I say this from experience! I recently had to re-commit to myself to what was really important to me, coaching.

I've spent over 14+ years in the makeup and hair industry where I have a secure stream of clients, jobs, and opportunities. I got caught up in the "what's happening right now" "what needs to be done" "what is coming to me now" that I started to unconsciously drift further away from my evolved passion and purpose, coaching; helping people to manifest their dream jobs, cosmic relationships, and bringing zest back into their life.

I was becoming drained in the constant action and the last full Moon I had the powerful insights from asking myself "where am I playing small and not giving it my all?" I knew instantly where.. I have been shy from using social media in sharing wisdom i've learned, I had disconnected from a coaching program I was a part of because it felt like "I didn't have the time" but really I was choosing to put my time into "right now" versus nurturing my future. Because of course, it's scary. Taking a bet on myself and choosing another path, when i've spent so many years carving a successful one in makeup and hair.

But tuning in, my heart said, "you know what you get to do.. you know choosing your happiness is going to bring you even more happiness, more success, and get you to where you want to go. Choose, you."

Which brings me to this event! In the 75-minute workshop we will be:

- Exploring where in your life you need to hit the "re-fresh" button and re-align you with your desires, dreams, and goals.

- Explore what is secretly holding you back from what you want, and connecting you with your Highest Self to receive personal guidance on how to create a new beginning, a new story, new possibility and become magnetic to manifesting your desires.

- We will set new intentions and even explore what asking for more what look like for you.

- And of course, we will end with Tapping! To empower you in breaking limitations, strengthen connection to your desires and heart, ignite your internal powerhouse and create the energetic space, possibility, and magnetism to attract your hearts desires.

If you are ready and craving a "re-boot" in your life, this is the PERFECT opportunity to do so and know that you aren't alone.

You can get your spot now by going to the "Book Now" link and get your ticket!

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