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What is this thing called EFT Tapping? 

In the simplest terms, this is my interpretation of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), also known as tapping.

Tapping is a technique and tool that is designed to help us slow down the mental chatter (that voice and conversation that talks non-stop daily in our head..) so we can hear our truth and heart more clearly. It is intended to reduce and release our emotional charge around daily experiences, past events, and future fears so we can hear, understand, resolve, and take action from a grounded, truthful, and heart centered place. 

Tapping gives us a chance to reduce the negative self talk so we can engage with our higher selves and hear what our heart is trying to communicate with us on a deeper level. 

By releasing our emotional charges from daily interactions, experiences, and stressors we can move FORWARD in our lives on a path that is lead by our heart and truth instead of out dramas and traumas. 

Let's explore the what and the how... Keep scrolling.


HOW do you DO EFT?

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a tool that is designed to work with your emotions/ emotional stressors while activating (tapping) energy meridian points on the face and body (similar to acupuncture).

In Chinese Medicine, meridian points are believed to be areas on the body where energy flows through. The basis of EFT is that when we are experiencing stressful emotions due to life experiences we create a disruption or block in our body's energy systems. The premise of EFT is that it can help clear these disruptions, thereby restoring the flow and balance of the body's electromagnetic and more subtle energies.


Tapping on these meridian points while speaking out our emotional stressors/ issues can bring a form of acceptance to what you are feeling. It is believed that Tapping sends signals to the part of your brain that controls stress, and can reduce the stress or negative emotion you feel. Thus, disrupting the block, restoring balance, and creating movement where you were blocked.  

"My words reflect my thoughts, my thoughts reflect my beliefs, and my beliefs, especially unexamined ones, run my world." - Judith Hanzon Lasater, What We Say Matters

The What...

Beliefs and Thoughts

"No matter what the problem is, our experiences are just outer effects of inner thoughts.." Louise Hay

I'm curious... reading this quote, what are your thoughts about this statement?

Are they similar to:

"My problems aren't my fault.. they are things that happen to me."

"My problems are because I don't have enough time, money, support, etc. not because of what I am thinking."

"The problem is them, and I can't change them"

Guess what, you aren't alone in having these thoughts. AND, for a moment, can you play with the idea of, "what would my life be like if I COULD change my outer experiences by working on my inner thoughts?"


Let's explore what another female leader said.. keep scrolling :). 

Marble Tile

I am a big believer that our life is always showing us what we currently believe about ourselves and our capabilities whether we know it or not. We either believe we can be, do, have something, or we believe we can't be, do, have something. Going ALLLL the way back to our childhood, we have A LOT of external experiences and memories that validate what we currently believe; and when we try to step out of that belief, our mental programming steps in and says "nope.. this is unsafe, i'm keeping you within this container to "protect" you." We convince ourselves that we can't get the results, relationships, experiences, life we want.. and we instead say, "this is just what happens to me, this is my life, I can never have ______ (you fill it in..)."

Any of this feel familiar?

WELL GUESS WHAT, I am here to support you by offering you the opportunity to change your story! Did you know you can change your story? I guide women in uncovering their belief systems that say they can't have what they want, and using the tool of EFT Tapping, we work on reducing and eliminating your disempowering beliefs so you can create new beliefs that support, empower, and inspire you. 

Our mental programming is powerful.. and being able to break free from our toxic mental conversations and past experiences and create new empowering internal conversations you can create a beautiful, passion filled, self-loving, purpose driven life. 

So, how do you do EFT you might be questioning? Keep scrolling!

Interested in trying it? 

Please Note: EFT is an energy-based coaching and self-help technique meant to help relieve stress and to experience greater well-being. EFT is not intended to be used to diagnosis or treat any medical problem or psychological disorder nor is EFT a substitute for licensed health care services. Please read the Disclaimer for further information. 

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