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Hello Goddess! Welcome to my page, I am SO excited you are here and I want to start by reminding you, you aren't alone. I'm also here to remind you that we ALL have overwhelming emotions, blocks, resistance that can be uncomfortable, scary, AGAIN overwhelming, and they can also be insightful, beautiful, and healing when carefully explored.


When I started tapping over 5 years ago, I was curious to learn about this self-soothing tool that kept showing up in my space. I've been a lover of personal development, growth, learning, tools & techniques for over 10+ years, so when tapping stepped into my world I was open to "testing" this technique that had so many claims of success and ease. 

Over the 10+ years of exploring personal growth and development, I've never experienced a tool I connected with so quickly and easily, like I did tapping. I was SHOCKED at how easy it was, how quickly it helped me self-soothe in times of stress, the instant shifts and results in my life, and quickly manifesting opportunities and success I had always dreamed of. After tapping I was happier, confident, and empowered to ask for things I wanted, grounded in my self-esteem, and expressing my needs and desires even in the face of fear. Tapping helped me get out of the negative self-talk vortex and drop into a deeper truth, my heart. I know, it might sound cheesy but it is true. Tapping gave me the outlet to be able to express my overwhelming and uncomfortable emotions so I could move through them and step into a place of deeper self-connection, self-love, and excitement for life. I wasn't caged by my emotions anymore. In the past, if I felt one uncomfortable feeling it would plague my whole day! There was no way to exit and release what I was feeling. Tapping is the tool that allowed me to easily process uncomfortable emotions throughly, quickly, and gave me the freedom to enjoy the rest of my day instead of being stuck in misery.   


As a freelance makeup and hair artist for over 17 years I finally  experienced the ultimate freedom, stability, and financial success after only 4 months of tapping. MY MIND WAS BLOWN. After experiencing results so quickly, I immediately knew this tool was changing my life. Tapping was the tool I craved in personal development since I began the personal growth journey over 15 years ago.


I immediately jumped into EFT Certification because I knew I couldn’t keep this secret and I wanted to share it with the world. I also knew I wasn't alone in struggling to process my emotions and feeling like I was repressing my fullest potential and expression. I wanted to help others who struggled like I did, letting them know and being an example of the freedom on the other side. 


As a makeup and hair artist, I was in one of the most intimate settings and spaces with women, literally in their face. It was always natural for me to have deep conversations with my clients sharing our deepest thoughts, insecurities, dreams, and goals. It is no surprise to me that when I finally found the right tool, I wanted to change my career so I could connect and help women on the deepest level of intimacy, helping them change their lives. 


So, to say I am excited, honored, giddy in my step that you’ve made it to this page, is an understatement. I am rocket to the Moon excited to support you on your journey to greater self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-expression. I can’t wait to get to know you more, and have you see that you don’t need to do this journey alone, I'm here for you, and I have amazing tools to share with you. I also personally know this journey well when it comes to low self-confidence, self-esteem, self-expression, fear of the unknown, lack of clarity, procrastination, resistance, the list goes on. There's nothing you can tell me that I probably haven't experienced myself, or can relate to, to some degree. 

The beauty of being human is we all have fears. We all experience things that we wish we didn't that make us feel intense emotions and triggers negative self-talk. But we all have the gift of choice, and we can either work with those emotions and fears and move through them, creating new opportunities and an exciting life; or we can choose to stay stuck, small, and stagnant. 

Goddess, the choice is yours, so what are you going to choose?..

If you are ready to finally create the change you desire, break through on a new level of ultimate and unapologetic self-expression, and a deep unwavering love and acceptance for your self, i'm here and i'm ready to cheer you on from the beginning until the end. 

You are worthy, deserving, and good enough, and I want to help you in making that your reality mirrored back to you. 



FUN Facts about me: I go by the names, Phoenix (my husband is Dragon), Furbicorn (furby unicorn), Mermaid, and Priestess. I have a beautiful exotic Liger named Ella, about 30 fish and 3 fish tanks.. (my covid hobby and water babies), I am a major plant mommy, I love nature, crystals, tarot, reading, astrology, numerology, hiking, rollerblading, painting, makeup and hair, fashion, and most importantly helping other women feel good about themselves.  I hope to connect with you and I invite you to step into your Greatest Goddess Self. 

*Please Note: 

While Carly Wise is a Certified EDT Tapping practitioner her services are not licensed by the State of California. She is not a psychotherapist or other licensed health care practitioner. EFT is an energy-based coaching and self-help technique meant to help relieve stress and to experience greater well-being. EFT is not intended to be used to diagnosis or treat any medical problem or psychological disorder nor is EFT a substitute for licensed health care services. Please read the Disclaimer for further information.

Blue Illustrated Floral Page Border (25 × 29.7 cm) copy.png
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