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Hello Goddess!

Welcome, my name is Carly, and I fully believe that if you've made it to this page, the Universe brought you here for a reason. 

I have a deep passion and purpose when it comes to helping women release their trauma so they can authentically and boldly express themselves. 

Why?.... Because this is a core wound that I have come to this earth to evolve, transform, and embrace. 

It may not look like it on the outside with my ever changing hair color (I have literally been every color and change when I feel my internal seasons calling me to morph into an evolved expression of myself) or my expression with fashion and beauty; but it wasn't always like this, and especially when it came/comes to vocalizing and communicating my needs, opinions, ideas, emotions, and desires. 

I was more comfortable swallowing my words than expressing them. 

But over time, the emotional and physical toll became too painful, so I tried to party, drink, do drugs, and use sex to numb what I was really feeling which only led to more self-destruction and pain. 

I was operating from past trauma and attracting more of it. 

I tried personal development books, I did workshops, obsessed with healers hoping they could "fix" me, and although it led to some healing, NOTHING compared to when I discovered EFT Tapping. 

The seed was planted by my husband's father, and a year or so later, "Tapping" started to come up more and more in my sphere. I got curious, watched some videos, realized we actually had the Tapping Manual (by Gary Craig, creator of EFT) and The Tapping Solutions book in my house.


And I quickly watched my life rapidly unfold into jobs, opportunities, emotional freedom, confidence, money, and authentic conversations with my loved ones that I had been CRAVING since I started the personal development journey over 15 years ago. 


I remember thinking, "where in the world has this tool been.. and WHY am I just knowing about it now..."

I immediately started looking up certification programs because I knew this was the "tool" that was going to change my life, as it already had, but also change the direction of my career forever. 

Prior to being a coach I was a full time freelance makeup and hair artist, I worked and lived in Hollywood for 8 years where I worked with celebrities, fashion, commercial, and having personal clients to shifting my artistry when I moved to the Bay and blew up in the wedding industry, worked with Tech royalty, more commercial work, and personal clients. 

I always loved the cosmos, astrology, tarot, the mystic and spirituality, but I never saw myself in that industry until 2019 when the Universe plopped tapping into my lap. 

I was at a pinnacle moment of my makeup and hair career when I decided it wasn't my path anymore and I heard the deepest calling from my heart to be a Tapping Practitioner and help women transform their lives so they could taste and experience the freedom I was feeling and had craved for so long. 

Through Tapping, I knew it was possible because I was a living example of it. 

Since being certified I studied particularly Matrix Re-imprinting as this form of tapping was profound not only in my own healing but with the women I worked with when it came to truly releasing their trauma and rewriting a new narrative of who they truly are. 

I then evolved my practice to include my love for astrology to bring to light our life's lessons (spiritual and karmic) so we can transform our wounds into our greatest empowerment and confidence. Astrology helped clients see their lives from a broader perspective, that there wasn't something wrong with them, but purely a lesson their soul came here to experience, evolve, and learn from. 

Through my own astrological deep dive of my wounded healer "Chiron" I awoke something even greater inside of me that truly unlocked my voice and expression like never before. I started to understand, learn, and most importantly experience the power of the Vagus Nerve (something touched upon during EFT Certification) and regulating our nervous system using vibration and sound. 

Working with the Vagus Nerve with clients, their voices and expression opened up, their anxiety and nerves calmed, physical pain went away, and they were feeling empowered, seeing their bodies as a tool and vessel of their own healing. 

My work as a facilitator and practitioner is always evolving (just like the color of my hair :)) and I LOVE sharing and helping women break free from their trauma so they can remember the Goddess they are, and authentically express her. 

My dream is seeing women walk this Earth feeling truly free in their expression unchained from their wounds, shining and sparkling as bright as the Sun, connecting deep within their soul allowing all parts of themselves to glow like a full Moon, and expand their greatness like the giant Jupiter. 

I hope I get the privilege to work with you whether it be in 1-1, group, or in the Embodied Modern Goddess App. 

I see you, I believe you are so much more than your trauma, and not only do you deserve but you can have a life of emotional, physical, and spiritual freedom. 



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