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Reflect, Vibrate, Manifest

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I would love to hear how you are enjoying your journal! Please tag and/or DM me at @Carlylynwise on Instagram to share with me how you are using it!

The Reflect, Vibrate, Manifest: Morning & Evening Reflection & Manifestation Journal is a transformative tool and practice rooted in reflection, vibration, and manifestation. The concept of manifestation is central to this journal and unlocking your power and magnetism. It is designed to support you in creating a daily practice in self- awareness, self-care, and becoming the co-creator of your life. It is absolutely within your power to create the life and reality you dream of! If you are looking for a tool to help you on your journey of manifestation, this is it. I personally created the reflection questions, based on my own manifestation practice, to help ourselves move into a place of higher vibration as well as seeing where we may be blocking ourselves from what we are asking for. This journal is created to be welcoming for everyone and anyone! Most importantly, it is designed to ignite fun and deepen the connection with ourselves and our power. The more you can step into playfulness, the more magnetic you become to the things you want. Whether you are starting this journey, or a seasoned manifestor, you will benefit from this journal. This has been quite the passion project for me as I learned more about the laws of manifestation and how quickly we can attract our desires. Miraculous things occur once we become aware of where we are and ask for what we truly want. I hope you enjoy this journal, make it your own, and become a witness to your greatness. 

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