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While Carly Wise can't guarantee any specific results and the following testimonials do not constitute a warranty or predication regarding the outcome an individual may experience using her services for any particular reason or issue, her clients report having positive experiences. 



When I started working with Carly I was closed off and f**ing stuck. I had no boundaries at work and I wanted to create more work family balance. Even on vacation, it was hard for me to be relaxed and present with my family and be able to stand back and let other people support me while I was gone. It was hard for me to say no to work because I don’t want to let my company, team, and colleagues down and I had this feeling that if I don’t respond to everything at that moment, “the world Is going to end.” Taking breaks whether it be for work, or even my family, I always ended up feeling guilty that I’m not doing something. 


After our first discovery call and figuring out the goal, was our first session, which I already had a win to share with Carly. When I was emailed by a colleague on Saturday to talk, the next day was Mother’s Day, and I asked if we could talk on Monday instead, he responded it was fine. It was a perfect example of giving myself permission to say “not right now, and it’s going to be ok,” which of course, it was. The more I was able to repeat and practice focusing on boundaries the more impact I had.


We worked on my fear and guilt about telling my colleague of 2 family vacations I have this year. I told her and I felt proud of myself for telling her knowing it’s going to be fine. It made me realize it’s ok for me to ask for time off and what I need. I don’t have to feel bad and I can release myself of fear and guilt. I was experiencing challenges at work with another colleague and tapping helped me move into a better space when I interacted with her. I was able to ask myself and get clear on how I could empower myself in these situations to step into being a strong leader. This created more receptivity from the other person and in the end came to a situation where it worked out for the best for everyone. We did work on reducing stress and anxiety from the day or week of being the multiple roles I hold of boss, mom, wife, daughter, friend and taking care of the household. I was able to leave the session more calm, grounded, and experiencing relief. 


At the end of every session we did positive reframing and empowerment tapping to support me letting go of what we worked on and move into a state and mindset of possibility. We explored how I can practice vibrating at a higher level and help empower my mindset, vibrating possibility and believing I have the capacity to put my asks and desires out into the universe and it will manifest. This work has helped me see this process is a work in process and the repetition of saying what I want to achieve, makes me realize I have to try my absolute best to make it work. Whatever it takes to get me to the goals I’ve set out. 


I can now see that what I focus on plays a role in the experience of life I am living. Carly also noted all my wins which helped me see my progress and I didn’t even realize or notice things to be wins until she connected it to who I was when we first started. Some other amazing wins from our work together was being on vacation and telling my team I am signed off for the day. Previous me would have been checking emails while traveling the 6+ hours home, but instead, I was able to confidently tell my team I am out, I felt confident they could handle everything, and I was able to be present with my family. 


On a team meeting I was leading, I was feeling particularly low energy and exhausted, I didn’t want to just talk, I wanted to connect with my team, I scratched everything, and said let's go around and just say what I am grateful for, I almost cried, it was emotional and showed what a connected team we are. I listened to my own needs and it was a good feeling.


I practiced multiple times asking people if I could reschedule or take a call another day, which it was always fine. One client even reaffirmed me by telling me to “take care of my family” and I saw that the world didn’t end by not answering right away, and being able to say, not right now. 


I am grateful for this experience because it was so nice to be vulnerable with someone new, someone who didn’t know anything about me, so I could be human, I’ve enjoyed that. 

From this work with Carly, I went from being so closed off and moved into a state of possibility and probability that I can will what I want to be. I can ask the universe for what I want, which is still something I am practicing, and I feel I’ve made mental moves. I highly recommend working with Carly if you are feeling stuck, blocked, or resistant in any area of your life and looking to create a new possibility and life where you are the creator of your reality.


- M.P.

Before working with Carly, I was feeling very frenzied; like I was in a never-ending sea of chaos just trying to stay afloat. Over the past four months, Carly helped me realize my own strength as an individual and how I don’t have to feel powerless to my surroundings. No two sessions were the same which made the journey from four months ago to now so enjoyable and refreshing each step of the way. Every small thing we worked on impacted the bigger picture of feeling more confident in my own skin, with my own personality, and with my existence in this world. I truly came to realize the power I have and can exert over what my life looks like from my reactions to communication to self-confidence. I honestly didn’t know exactly what I was signing up for when I signed up for tapping, EFT was a recommendation to me, but tapping with Carly turned out to be exactly what I needed. I learned that I now in addition to the things I’ve learned and recognized about myself, have this tool of tapping to help me whenever I need to keep me grounded and secure of myself. I can’t thank Carly enough for the impact she’s made on my life.

– K.S.

Before working with Carly I didn’t know what EFT/Tapping was. We initially talked about beliefs, emotions, and how we can store these things in our body due to daily experiences and past events. I was curious, and open to trying sessions with Carly to see if it would help me break through in areas of my life I still felt stuck. 

Specifically, I had a big virtual work event I was leading which required me to do public speaking which always makes me nervous and I was feeling resistant to the tasks I needed to accomplish in preparing for the event, like sending invites and promoting. I worked with Carly on breaking through the emotional resistance I was feeling which allowed me to take action on sending out the invites and promoting the event with more peace and ease. We worked on the nervous feelings I was experiencing just thinking about the day of the event, the nerves when I imagined the minutes before starting the recording, the fear of messing up, the fear of the event not going well; I even had memories of past events I did which perpetuated my fears of feeling unprepared. These insights while tapping helped me see what I needed to do next in feeling more confident for this event. We even tapped the morning of my event to ease any nerves and shift into excitement energy! I went into the event feeling grounded, calm, and at peace which was my goal and in the end the event went GREAT! It was unlike any session I’ve done in years! I felt amazing and relieved. It felt like the work we’d been doing was just the beginning. Since the event, I noticed myself speaking up more during meetings and sharing my ideas that even my boss commented and liked I was speaking up. I feel like tapping can literally change my life. Thank you Carly!

- B. A.

When I started working with Carly, I was in a dark place. I was a relatively new mother of two trying to find balance in my life between motherhood, my career, and home life. Then the pandemic swept in and threw out any semblance of a plan that I had for myself. I lost all support as schools closed and loved ones were isolating, my career was put on hold, and my identity and personal hobbies disappeared while I focused on keeping our family safe and healthy. It was a tumultuous year and a half, full of extreme highs and extreme lows that ran at a relentless pace.


Once life started to open-up, I tried to peak inward to see what was left of me. I had suppressed and denied so much of myself for the sake of the family, I was left rather numb and hardened. It was after months of struggling to find a direction forward that I decided to work with Carly. It became obvious that I couldn’t ‘fix’ myself on my own, and the EFT method she described to me sounded interesting, if anything to defuse the bottled emotions inside of me. 

Working with Carly was singularly one of the best decisions I’ve made in the past five years. Carly’s EFT sessions helped me focus enough to pull down each of the things I was struggling to process and confront it in a palatable way. I was able to clearly see my wound, my habit or belief, and by finally seeing it in real daylight (not in the dark corners of my thoughts), I could finally address it head on, and decide where to put it. I was left with a clearer sense of who I am in this chapter of my life, and I could see a path forward. After weeks of processing and organizing my inner turmoil, I’m more in-tune with my voice, understanding of my strength, and respectful of the wealth of information my experiences have given me. Tapping quite literally broke down my wall so I could find ways to shine again.


And that was just the beginning! After weeks of internal work, I got to a place with Carly where we could start tapping on being my best self. She’s currently helping me set goals, and develop tools I can use to envision and execute my ideal me. This ranges from career to self-care to home life and even finances.  


It’s been quite a journey with Carly, and I couldn’t be happier with the process and the results. She provides a safe space to work through unresolved issues and grow. I found her to be extremely professional and non-judgemental. And even in my most vulnerable moments, I felt supported and secure the whole time. She’s personable, has the knowledge, and is ready to build the tools with you. One of the best commitments you can make to yourself!  

- C. L.

I did a series of private EFT sessions with Carly and released a ton of blocks around starting a woman-owned creative business- a new endeavor outside of my professional comfort zone. Practicing with Carly helped me recognize and differentiate between the sources of my creative and productivity blocks: fear, limiting beliefs, or simply a need for more information (to name a few). Carly helped me identify and address areas of my business where I was stuck; this led to achieving greater clarity, taking meaningful action, and ultimately moving forward and making progress with the resources I learned that I needed. Carly’s own success as a creative business owner gives her a wealth of experience to draw from to help others. In our sessions, Carly's calm temperament, capacity for empathy, and positive, empowering mindset created a safe environment that inspired vulnerability, curiosity, breakthroughs, and greater confidence in how to move forward. Highly recommend!

- A.F

My first experience in tapping techniques was with Carly. I went into the experience with an open mind for the possibilities. I actually had never heard of tapping before which was maybe a good thing because it allowed me to stay more open minded. During our sessions we discussed obstacles in my goals and any road blocks I saw in the present moment. During our tapping session Carly had me repeat affirmations out loud (I really liked this part of it), then tap different areas of the body. After each round she would check in to see if I saw any new clarity to my problem. I almost always found clarity in my goals after each tapping round and especially so by the end of the session. Our tapping topics included my work/ commute ordeal, breastfeeding challenges, fears of starting my website and sometimes even relationship challenges. I am so grateful for my experience with Carly. She is so positive and wants you to feel that stress relief that comes with tapping.

- B. B.

After completing all of my tapping sessions with Carly, I can't recommend working with her enough. She is a true empath, is trustworthy and professional, and is a committed practitioner. From the very start, she openly answered all of my questions, patiently listened every time I had something to share, and always made sure I felt emotionally safe and supported, especially when working through vulnerable territory. She asked gentle questions to help me unlock areas where I felt stuck or blocked and always left the ball in my court, which allowed me to discover things on my own rather than being handed ideas about how I might be feeling. I laughed, cried, and explained things out loud that I'd never put into words. Sometimes the shifts I experienced were stunning, sometimes they were slight, but there were always shifts, and they all felt healing. By the end of our work together, I not only felt less emotionally reactive to the trigger points I began with, but I left equipped with the tools to continue this practice on my own. Thank you, Carly! 

- K. P.

I only knew a little bit about tapping before working with Carly. Experiencing it through her guidance felt like a very introspective journey. She helped me look at my emotions in such a unique way and really helped me connect to my stuck points with a new perspective. She was always able to help me dig down to the root of what I was trying to move past and I often felt like she intuitively know when I needed to go deeper, even when it wasn't apparent to me. She's also very calming and I felt very supported by her, which allowed me to be vulnerable enough to allow those hard emotions to release. She's really a magical presence and gifted at the work she's doing!

- K. A.

Carly is a true earth angel, butterfly, and a master at listening and healing. As we all navigate our lives and a pandemic on top of it, thinking and feeling clearly gets mucky.


I gravitate to a therapeutic environment that teaches me a new skill, that I can do on my own when a negative experience, feelings, or life event is coming up. I’ve done an in-person session with Carly and a few online. Both feel really safe, personalized, and nurturing. She’s wonderful at listening and giving me sessions that have cleared so many blocks, that leave me motivated, smiling, realigned, and on a clear path to where I wanted to go. I’m more of a private, figure things out on my own, person. It’s not easy for me to open up. She is such a warm spirit that I feel understood, seen and not judged, with whatever I come to the table with! She’s a pro with a heart of gold.


I can’t say enough things! Lol! You just have to try it for yourself and experience the wisdom from Carly. I’m grateful for her!”

- C. E.

I can't say enough good things! Carly opened my eyes to the world of EFT & everything it can help accomplish. The thing that impressed me the most about my sessions with Carly was how dedicated she was to remembering my feelings and what was achieved from one session to the next. Tapping is something you can do on your own but to have someone like Carly in your corner, being your guiding light through the process is what sold me on EFT. I highly recommend wither beginning or continuing your EFT journey with her!


- A. B

Thank you for introducing me to tapping, Carly! The feeling of worry or fear kept me from reaching personal and career goals. At the end of each session I felt good, calm and confident I could achieve my goals. Highly recommend this technique! Will continue to chose Carly for her expertise and guidance in Tapping.


-C. A.