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While Carly Wise can't guarantee any specific results and the following testimonials do not constitute a warranty or predication regarding the outcome an individual may experience using her services for any particular reason or issue, her clients report having positive experiences. 


Being in the Embodied Modern Goddess Program, It was amazing because Carly set up a safe container to be vulnerable and I felt safe to share. Everyone shared (from light to deep wounds) and there was so much love and total acceptance no one felt awkward sharing.


When I first started the program, I wasn’t present all of the time, my nervous system was pretty much 80% of the time on fire. I was 3/4 way going through a divorce. I was finding myself.

I decided to do the program because I wanted to continue working with Carly and a group setting sounded appealing.


I loved learning so much through the Astrology piece including how important it is for me to be in “like-minded communities”, being bold feeds my sole, my intuition is a special part of me and it is important to utilize this strength, and Creativity, Playfulness and grounded are my medicine.


I only knew my Sun sign and thought it was odd that there could be a reading for all “Aires” people. I learned how much Pieces I had and the Intuitive piece in my chart is so prevalent. I absolutely love the Astrology part.


I surprised myself by recapturing my confidence and trusting my inner voice. I allowed myself to be vulnerable and allow people to help me.


The program far exceeded any possible list of “wants to achieve”. I learned so much about myself and how I operate best through the Astrology piece, and with the Modern Goddess community I learned so much though the other Goddesses with their sharing and overcoming obstacles and learning new ways to approach life.


I really enjoyed working in a group. This is the first time I have done anything like this in a group. We were a diverse group in age, career wise, life stages which I believe added to the richness of the sharing and different perspectives. Although I was most likely the oldest of the group, I learned so much from everyone because I was coming out of a relationship where I put everyone else in front of me and I have been catching up on enjoying life.


The 1-1 Matrix work is so powerful. I love the EFT tapping piece for somatic work and to get the emotion out of the body. When you add on the Matrix reprinting it is so powerful, you are able to rewrite the script.

The matrix work absolutely helps in releasing trauma. The re-wiring the imprint and taking charge of the situation is priceless. The trauma or incident could be all of 3 minutes however really take a hold over someone, so to be able to have the opportunity to to go in and take those 3 minutes back and be in charge is very powerful.


I feel much more confident knowing my astrology, it validated how I have felt my entire life, however couldn’t put words to it or a reason why I felt this or that way. It has provided a much needed road map to assist me through my new life and change after my divorce is finalized. Now knowing my chart and understanding it more I can be my authentic self.


I am now expressing myself confidently, authentic, and from the heart. I don’t have any resentment or ill will feelings towards ex-husband or others. I am still learning, but now I have a roadmap and guide to better direct me.


Oh, and I LOVE Carly. She is so caring, intuitive, kind, loving, and patient. She is always coming from the heart, has no agenda other than to be there 100% completely for her Modern Goddesses. She is beautiful inside and out. Her Zoom classes were organized, authentic, and flexible which is so important to allow for the group to feel safe being vulnerable. And she is an amazing Cheerleader for those of us who need a little push to get out there and do things that may be scary (hair, make-up, clothes).

The Modern Goddess program was exactly what I needed and more. I learned so much about myself not only through the coursework also through working with others and hearing their stories and how they evolved. The group support during the class and after has been and is just what I needed.:)

~ K.J.

I first considered doing the voyage less than 1 year ago. I felt like I was stagnating in my progress with my health and healing my digestive issues. I felt like I had outgrown my therapist. And at that point, I had done a one-off session with Carly, and knew that with her help, I could expand and grow into the person I felt I was being held back from.


Carly saw the bigger, brighter future version of myself that no one else was offering me. I didn’t even remember what it felt like to feel good at that point in my life because I had felt bad for so long.


I was struggling with severe, constant acid reflux/GERD, was trying different diets and protocols, and was detoxing from mold exposure. In addition, I was still battling feeling good about my physical appearance. Everyday felt like an effort to get through. I had the limiting beliefs: I can’t eat what I want because it will give me reflux, my body can’t process it. I can’t eat what I want because I will gain fat. I can’t trust myself to make food decisions because if I eat what I want I’ll go too far and gain weight. I didn’t realize how prevalent and powerful these beliefs had been in dictating my life.


When I first started, trying to adopt the new beliefs of I can eat what I want, my body processes everything, etc., I felt resistance. These beliefs felt so untrue for me, it was hard to see how I would get there. Nonetheless, I embarked on the voyage.


As we tapped, new layers would reveal themselves, and we would have to work on those, often going into the matrix. Past experiences that were seemingly unrelated had a lot to do with the beliefs I was resisting. The matrix work is wild because I saw scenarios, we created in the matrix show up in my present life.


Despite feeling unsure of how I could get to a place of acceptance, I surprised myself. I have confidence in my body and myself and am nearly symptom free! I have successfully introduced foods I feared back into my diet. I now look at my body and see its ability to carry me through life and allow me to do whatever I want to do, and how grateful I am for that.


I also noticed I feel more secure in my relationships and less anxious and isolated. I no longer am hiding behind who I thought I was.  The final piece to the puzzle of shifting my reality was to show myself my beliefs were true.


Not only was I establishing the beliefs with Carly, but I was also going out and acting as someone with those beliefs to show myself it is true. Overall, I can’t think of a better person to guide you through the voyage. She made me feel so safe expressing myself and she genuinely believed in me.


And, I know how Carly has transformed her own life through tapping. Working with someone who has gone through a growth journey themselves is so inspiring because they are the living proof that it is possible.


When I first met Carly, it was at a day yoga and wellness retreat. I remember that day really clearly, because I entered the retreat feeling heavy and stuck in many areas of my life. At that time in particular, I was feeling frozen by beliefs and stories about myself that made me feel helpless and unable to have the relationships that I desired. I actually remember in the closing circle, I ended the retreat saying, “I actually don’t feel any better,” “I still feel heavy and sad.” Because it felt at that point in time, regardless of the deep therapeutic work I had done, there were certain areas of my life that felt blocked and unintegrated, and this was deeply painful to not know how I can finally let go.


Carly approached me and asked if I was open to trying emotional freedom tapping with her before I went home. Being a psychotherapist in training, I thought that I was aware of a lot of modalities already, but I had never heard of this before. But, I thought I had nothing to lose and went along, hoping that it could give me some relief. I am someone who struggled in the past with actually pausing and allowing myself to feel through my emotions without trying to intervene with intellectualizing my problems, contextualizing them, minimizing, or judging them. That day, Carly introduced me to tapping and almost magically, I left the property of the retreat feeling lighter and like a huge shift had occurred, after 1 time!


Although I have several years of my own psychotherapy behind me, I have never encountered such a beautiful and gentle technique for moving through my emotions. In fact, later that afternoon, I was able to communicate with a family member and actually voice my needs and feel heard and connected, for the first time in many years. After this, I knew that I wanted more of what tapping and Carly could offer me.


Flashforward, I just completed the Alignment program and it's been about 6 months of changing and healing parts of me that I never felt was possible. Tapping taught me not only how to hold myself and be compassionate towards myself during times I feel triggered or just have an emotion, but it taught me that I have so much power in determining and changing my life. As I said, I am training to be a psychotherapist myself and one aspect that I will take with me from tapping when I work with my own clients someday is asking them to envision what their lives could look life if they weren’t bound by fear, old trauma narratives, and limiting beliefs about themselves?


We often forget how much autonomy we really have in this lifetime, especially when we carry around old wounds. This is what Carly and I got to do together in our work together. She guided me through the process of reclaiming my inner child who was frozen in trauma memories- she helped me go back to her and save her. She supported me on my journey of finding my authentic voice and showing up exactly as I am meant to be- without shame, without fear. She helped me envision and manifest the relationships I deeply yearned for with my family members.


What could it be like- instead of what it has always been like. And the most mind blowing part of this? She helped me see that these wishes and desires I have- they can, and must start with me. I learned through this work that if I show up differently, nothing is the same. That when I shift how I show up, everything else shifts, and actually falls into place the way it's meant to be.


This may sound too good to be true, and believe me, I wasn’t sure of it either- if it was actually possible. Of course, the process wasn’t just rainbows and butterflies. For me, it entailed deep, inner child grief work. Accepting and acknowledging what I missed and didn’t get as a child, and connecting how those experiences impacted the stories and narratives I held about myself today which blocked me from having authentic, emotionally intimate, and honest relationships.


It was an empowering first hand experience to see that I alone possess the healing skills necessary to save and heal myself. Yes, it was deep, painful work, but it was also empowering- as I got to go back in time, hold my inner child, give her what she needed, and remove her from that painful memory she was stuck in. Not to mention, I never felt anything but held and safe with Carly as my guide- she truly nurtured me and created the most secure environment to let go and release big emotions.


What came of this work? Today, as I sit here writing this, I have never had more honest, authentic, and connected relationships with my family members and friends. I have never felt more seen and accepted and loved for being me. I have been able to let go of the stories about myself and my family members that ultimately kept me in a loop of unmet needs, disappointment, retraumatization, and unhappiness. I can communicate my needs and have them met, I can meet and accept people where they are at, and I can take care of myself emotionally and give myself endless loving and permission to be exactly me. Instead, this shift that has occurred has allowed me and my relationships to blossom- and truly magically.


If you are on the fence about whether this journey is for you, it is. Whatever you get out of this experience will surely be valuable and life altering.

~ T.P

I am so grateful to the Universe for allowing my path to cross with Carly's. I truly feel it was meant to be on so many levels. At that time right before I invested in working with Carly, I was experiencing considerable stress doing too many things. Things that were necessary, but nonetheless overwhelming to do it all.


I was working a day job that paid the bills and was meaningful to me but didn't necessarily light me up inside. I had been doing it for a long time, but I knew in my heart that it wasn't what I was ultimately meant to do. I was running my coaching business on the side, which was steadily growing and taking up more and more of my time.


And also dealing with the normal challenges of being a mom to small children, one of whom we discovered has special needs. So there were extra stresses involved with navigating his diagnosis.


I wanted to have less stress and live more deeply in my purpose. But I also knew it was time to make a change in my career because trying to care for a special needs child, work and day job, and a business was too much. Even though I had been thinking about it for a long time, I was scared to take the leap to leave my day job and I didn't have full confidence in myself that I could succeed as an entrepreneur; I was so stuck in the hustle culture and was always burning myself out.


Working with Carly 1:1 and participating in her group classes dramatically changed all that. I had powerful transformations that dramatically changed my life. Through her coaching, guidance, warm presence, and powerful somatic healing work of EFT, I overcame those limiting beliefs about how I thought work/life/parenting had to be and started embracing how I truly wanted to live. I got the guts to finally put in my resignation notice and I left my day job of almost 16 years.


In every session, Carly held a powerful container for healing and processing, which allowed me to face my shadows in a very gentle and supported way. And through that, I gained deep acceptance of my shadow side. I no longer felt shame or sorry for myself. And I instead reconnected with a sense of purpose that felt so affirming and energizing and spiritually freeing.


I felt truly safe and supported working with Carly. I love her generous spirit. It is evident that she is passionate and excited about her work. And I love how she is so deeply grounded (which helped me get more grounded!), and every session was such fertile ground for possibility.


Not gonna lie. Working through my shit was not always comfortable, but I always left each session feeling deep clarity, feeling inspired, uplifted, and truly empowered.


As a result of this transformative work, today I am fully self-employed and I get to devote my time to my creative work AND be the mom and partner that I want to be to my family. I am taking care of my mental, emotional and physical health in ways that I haven't had the time to do before. And now I see it as fuel for my purposeful path.


I'm taking dance fitness classes. Going to the gym. Meditating. Getting outside. Journaling. Being more present with my kids. And I'm living more deeply in my purpose and inspired in a way that I hadn't before. I am so grateful for our work together that really got me feeling, believing, and knowing that I am so connected to Spirit that nothing can fuck with me.

- M.J.

Carly was recommended to me by a high quality, highly qualified relationship coach that helped me get through a divorce and other troubling relationship patterns. 


Carly came in to help me get rid of some of the road blocks in my thinking and helped me in so many ways.


I purchased a package of tapping sessions from her last fall and over the course of a few months it was quite remarkable some of the changes that occurred in my world.  I left behind some bad habits and started attracting new things in my life.  


Some of the the synchronicities that occurred during my time with Carly were remarkable.  I remember just needing some new male friends and then all of a sudden old groups of friends would invite me out to play basketball.


I wanted to meet new circles of people that understood me and then bam a neighbor invited me to go camping out of the blue.


Through some of this tapping and with the confidence and grace Carly brought to the sessions there was no doubt that I could start to create the life I wanted.  With her help I got back to some of the hobbies that always brought me joy and a new found confidence in myself and who I was, and a self love emerged over time. 


I'm not into to much woo woo stuff, so at first the tapping felt weird but eventually it really was uncanny some of the insights we gained in the process, I think somehow it distracts your brain and allowed for different patterns of thought to emerge and new healthy programs to be installed in a way.  At times we just had to smile at the zoom camera as I'd report the happenings, because the growth and responses from the subconscious mind can really be astonishing once we get out of the way, and often simpler than you think to change up. 


It was fun to work with a beautiful soul such as Carly. She is genuine and you can tell she's filled with love and generosity, and only wants the best things for you. 


It was always a pleasure to work with her, she's professional and kind, and just a joy to work with. I'll continue to do so at times when I need a little tune up in my thinking. 

- J.C.


Before I started working with Carly I felt stuck emotionally & physically. I would oftentimes find myself in a downward spiral and struggle to pull myself out of it, and in a way, keep myself there through my very own beliefs/thoughts. I wanted so much more and could feel that I just needed guidance to get over what felt like such a huge bump in the road. I now feel that the faith I have in myself has grown tremendously as well as my ability to recognize beliefs that may not be serving me. I am emotionally stronger!

My biggest takeaway is remembering that through tapping on my own I can be open to shifting my perspective. I can find a way to uplift myself (even if it's just a little) or pull myself out of any situation completely. Knowing and believing I can truly do anything I've ever wanted to in life. I learned that I have a tendency to prevent myself from learning and growing before an idea I have even gets off the ground. I learned how the way I spoke to myself affected me. I also learned that sometimes those feelings are okay and recognizing/validating them can allow me to simply move through them and see them for what they really are. Learning to tap and talk through whatever I feel helps me organize my thoughts and emotions before they run wild. I had tapped a bit before working with Carly, but she opened up a new way of tapping for me that let me dive deeper into my emotions. I could simply tap on those key points and allow the things that I had buried deep inside to release itself in a sense. Tapping created a sense of freedom and I left every session feeling "light" and capable of taking on anything life threw at me. It allows you to challenge the beliefs you've always had that you may have never realized were the things holding you back from being the person you always dreamed of. The first time you connect with her you automatically feel like she is someone you can trust and she makes sure you know that you are in a safe space. She celebrates ALL of your wins (big or small) and genuinely cares. She goes that extra mile to track your progress and send you notes of your sessions which can be really helpful for the sessions where you had multiple breakthroughs as the emotions can be very overwhelming. You build a connection with her and you just know that she is wholeheartedly rooting for your success & happiness in life!


- B.M

Doing this work with Carly I learned that I can do hard things and I am on the right path. Before we started working together I was feeling and experiencing imposter syndrome- “who am I to think I could achieve this goal.” Since working together, I now feel I have what it takes to achieve my goal when I get out of my own way. My biggest take away from our sessions together is having the support and accountability, and seeing that is something I need. Carly has such great energy; the support she gave me is authentic and infectious; I have learned new things like numerology and astrology that helped me align with my goals and create personal growth. Some examples of tangible results I created while working with Carly is making work videos I was previously too scared to make, I manifested new clients, a raise, and an apartment. I love tapping! I recommend tapping to anyone who is interested because you can do it anywhere, any time and it works!


When I started working with Carly I was really struggling with the fear of being seen and looking stupid in regards to putting myself out there (online) for my business.  But after just two 75 minute sessions of working with Carly and doing my homework in between our sessions, I felt confident about putting myself out there and I started to do it.  That was just two sessions!  I moved from totally freaked out and unable to do it-which has kept me from doing it for years, to doing it.  It has now been two months since I started working with Carly and I still feel confident about putting myself online so that I can build my business.  Carly is the best!  I cannot recommend her enough.  If you are in the same spot I was, unmoveable, then sign up with Carly, she helped me, and I believe she can help you too.  Thank you Carly, I just love vibrating as my highest self today.   


- T.K



Carly is amazing!  I had never done EFT before so I was not sure how beneficial it would be, but after only a couple of sessions I was able to see real world examples of how it helped me. Not only did it release emotional triggers, but it also helped me to see many new possibilities.  If your looking for a gifted EFT practitioner, I highly recommend Carly!

- C.C

When I started working with Carly I was closed off and f**ing stuck. I had no boundaries at work and I wanted to create more work family balance. Even on vacation, it was hard for me to be relaxed and present with my family and be able to stand back and let other people support me while I was gone. It was hard for me to say no to work because I don’t want to let my company, team, and colleagues down and I had this feeling that if I don’t respond to everything at that moment, “the world Is going to end.” Taking breaks whether it be for work, or even my family, I always ended up feeling guilty that I’m not doing something. 


After our first discovery call and figuring out the goal, was our first session, which I already had a win to share with Carly. When I was emailed by a colleague on Saturday to talk, the next day was Mother’s Day, and I asked if we could talk on Monday instead, he responded it was fine. It was a perfect example of giving myself permission to say “not right now, and it’s going to be ok,” which of course, it was. The more I was able to repeat and practice focusing on boundaries the more impact I had.


We worked on my fear and guilt about telling my colleague of 2 family vacations I have this year. I told her and I felt proud of myself for telling her knowing it’s going to be fine. It made me realize it’s ok for me to ask for time off and what I need. I don’t have to feel bad and I can release myself of fear and guilt. I was experiencing challenges at work with another colleague and tapping helped me move into a better space when I interacted with her. I was able to ask myself and get clear on how I could empower myself in these situations to step into being a strong leader. This created more receptivity from the other person and in the end came to a situation where it worked out for the best for everyone. We did work on reducing stress and anxiety from the day or week of being the multiple roles I hold of boss, mom, wife, daughter, friend and taking care of the household. I was able to leave the session more calm, grounded, and experiencing relief. 


At the end of every session we did positive reframing and empowerment tapping to support me letting go of what we worked on and move into a state and mindset of possibility. We explored how I can practice vibrating at a higher level and help empower my mindset, vibrating possibility and believing I have the capacity to put my asks and desires out into the universe and it will manifest. This work has helped me see this process is a work in process and the repetition of saying what I want to achieve, makes me realize I have to try my absolute best to make it work. Whatever it takes to get me to the goals I’ve set out. 


I can now see that what I focus on plays a role in the experience of life I am living. Carly also noted all my wins which helped me see my progress and I didn’t even realize or notice things to be wins until she connected it to who I was when we first started. Some other amazing wins from our work together was being on vacation and telling my team I am signed off for the day. Previous me would have been checking emails while traveling the 6+ hours home, but instead, I was able to confidently tell my team I am out, I felt confident they could handle everything, and I was able to be present with my family. 


On a team meeting I was leading, I was feeling particularly low energy and exhausted, I didn’t want to just talk, I wanted to connect with my team, I scratched everything, and said let's go around and just say what I am grateful for, I almost cried, it was emotional and showed what a connected team we are. I listened to my own needs and it was a good feeling.


I practiced multiple times asking people if I could reschedule or take a call another day, which it was always fine. One client even reaffirmed me by telling me to “take care of my family” and I saw that the world didn’t end by not answering right away, and being able to say, not right now. 


I am grateful for this experience because it was so nice to be vulnerable with someone new, someone who didn’t know anything about me, so I could be human, I’ve enjoyed that. 

From this work with Carly, I went from being so closed off and moved into a state of possibility and probability that I can will what I want to be. I can ask the universe for what I want, which is still something I am practicing, and I feel I’ve made mental moves. I highly recommend working with Carly if you are feeling stuck, blocked, or resistant in any area of your life and looking to create a new possibility and life where you are the creator of your reality.


- M.P.

Before working with Carly, I was feeling very frenzied; like I was in a never-ending sea of chaos just trying to stay afloat. Over the past four months, Carly helped me realize my own strength as an individual and how I don’t have to feel powerless to my surroundings. No two sessions were the same which made the journey from four months ago to now so enjoyable and refreshing each step of the way. Every small thing we worked on impacted the bigger picture of feeling more confident in my own skin, with my own personality, and with my existence in this world. I truly came to realize the power I have and can exert over what my life looks like from my reactions to communication to self-confidence. I honestly didn’t know exactly what I was signing up for when I signed up for tapping, EFT was a recommendation to me, but tapping with Carly turned out to be exactly what I needed. I learned that I now in addition to the things I’ve learned and recognized about myself, have this tool of tapping to help me whenever I need to keep me grounded and secure of myself. I can’t thank Carly enough for the impact she’s made on my life.

– K.S.

Before working with Carly I didn’t know what EFT/Tapping was. We initially talked about beliefs, emotions, and how we can store these things in our body due to daily experiences and past events. I was curious, and open to trying sessions with Carly to see if it would help me break through in areas of my life I still felt stuck. 

Specifically, I had a big virtual work event I was leading which required me to do public speaking which always makes me nervous and I was feeling resistant to the tasks I needed to accomplish in preparing for the event, like sending invites and promoting. I worked with Carly on breaking through the emotional resistance I was feeling which allowed me to take action on sending out the invites and promoting the event with more peace and ease. We worked on the nervous feelings I was experiencing just thinking about the day of the event, the nerves when I imagined the minutes before starting the recording, the fear of messing up, the fear of the event not going well; I even had memories of past events I did which perpetuated my fears of feeling unprepared. These insights while tapping helped me see what I needed to do next in feeling more confident for this event. We even tapped the morning of my event to ease any nerves and shift into excitement energy! I went into the event feeling grounded, calm, and at peace which was my goal and in the end the event went GREAT! It was unlike any session I’ve done in years! I felt amazing and relieved. It felt like the work we’d been doing was just the beginning. Since the event, I noticed myself speaking up more during meetings and sharing my ideas that even my boss commented and liked I was speaking up. I feel like tapping can literally change my life. Thank you Carly!

- B. A.

When I started working with Carly, I was in a dark place. I was a relatively new mother of two trying to find balance in my life between motherhood, my career, and home life. Then the pandemic swept in and threw out any semblance of a plan that I had for myself. I lost all support as schools closed and loved ones were isolating, my career was put on hold, and my identity and personal hobbies disappeared while I focused on keeping our family safe and healthy. It was a tumultuous year and a half, full of extreme highs and extreme lows that ran at a relentless pace.


Once life started to open-up, I tried to peak inward to see what was left of me. I had suppressed and denied so much of myself for the sake of the family, I was left rather numb and hardened. It was after months of struggling to find a direction forward that I decided to work with Carly. It became obvious that I couldn’t ‘fix’ myself on my own, and the EFT method she described to me sounded interesting, if anything to defuse the bottled emotions inside of me. 

Working with Carly was singularly one of the best decisions I’ve made in the past five years. Carly’s EFT sessions helped me focus enough to pull down each of the things I was struggling to process and confront it in a palatable way. I was able to clearly see my wound, my habit or belief, and by finally seeing it in real daylight (not in the dark corners of my thoughts), I could finally address it head on, and decide where to put it. I was left with a clearer sense of who I am in this chapter of my life, and I could see a path forward. After weeks of processing and organizing my inner turmoil, I’m more in-tune with my voice, understanding of my strength, and respectful of the wealth of information my experiences have given me. Tapping quite literally broke down my wall so I could find ways to shine again.


And that was just the beginning! After weeks of internal work, I got to a place with Carly where we could start tapping on being my best self. She’s currently helping me set goals, and develop tools I can use to envision and execute my ideal me. This ranges from career to self-care to home life and even finances.  


It’s been quite a journey with Carly, and I couldn’t be happier with the process and the results. She provides a safe space to work through unresolved issues and grow. I found her to be extremely professional and non-judgemental. And even in my most vulnerable moments, I felt supported and secure the whole time. She’s personable, has the knowledge, and is ready to build the tools with you. One of the best commitments you can make to yourself!  

- C. L.

I did a series of private EFT sessions with Carly and released a ton of blocks around starting a woman-owned creative business- a new endeavor outside of my professional comfort zone. Practicing with Carly helped me recognize and differentiate between the sources of my creative and productivity blocks: fear, limiting beliefs, or simply a need for more information (to name a few). Carly helped me identify and address areas of my business where I was stuck; this led to achieving greater clarity, taking meaningful action, and ultimately moving forward and making progress with the resources I learned that I needed. Carly’s own success as a creative business owner gives her a wealth of experience to draw from to help others. In our sessions, Carly's calm temperament, capacity for empathy, and positive, empowering mindset created a safe environment that inspired vulnerability, curiosity, breakthroughs, and greater confidence in how to move forward. Highly recommend!

- A.F

My first experience in tapping techniques was with Carly. I went into the experience with an open mind for the possibilities. I actually had never heard of tapping before which was maybe a good thing because it allowed me to stay more open minded. During our sessions we discussed obstacles in my goals and any road blocks I saw in the present moment. During our tapping session Carly had me repeat affirmations out loud (I really liked this part of it), then tap different areas of the body. After each round she would check in to see if I saw any new clarity to my problem. I almost always found clarity in my goals after each tapping round and especially so by the end of the session. Our tapping topics included my work/ commute ordeal, breastfeeding challenges, fears of starting my website and sometimes even relationship challenges. I am so grateful for my experience with Carly. She is so positive and wants you to feel that stress relief that comes with tapping.

- B. B.

After completing all of my tapping sessions with Carly, I can't recommend working with her enough. She is a true empath, is trustworthy and professional, and is a committed practitioner. From the very start, she openly answered all of my questions, patiently listened every time I had something to share, and always made sure I felt emotionally safe and supported, especially when working through vulnerable territory. She asked gentle questions to help me unlock areas where I felt stuck or blocked and always left the ball in my court, which allowed me to discover things on my own rather than being handed ideas about how I might be feeling. I laughed, cried, and explained things out loud that I'd never put into words. Sometimes the shifts I experienced were stunning, sometimes they were slight, but there were always shifts, and they all felt healing. By the end of our work together, I not only felt less emotionally reactive to the trigger points I began with, but I left equipped with the tools to continue this practice on my own. Thank you, Carly! 

- K. P.

I only knew a little bit about tapping before working with Carly. Experiencing it through her guidance felt like a very introspective journey. She helped me look at my emotions in such a unique way and really helped me connect to my stuck points with a new perspective. She was always able to help me dig down to the root of what I was trying to move past and I often felt like she intuitively know when I needed to go deeper, even when it wasn't apparent to me. She's also very calming and I felt very supported by her, which allowed me to be vulnerable enough to allow those hard emotions to release. She's really a magical presence and gifted at the work she's doing!

- K. A.

Carly is a true earth angel, butterfly, and a master at listening and healing. As we all navigate our lives and a pandemic on top of it, thinking and feeling clearly gets mucky.


I gravitate to a therapeutic environment that teaches me a new skill, that I can do on my own when a negative experience, feelings, or life event is coming up. I’ve done an in-person session with Carly and a few online. Both feel really safe, personalized, and nurturing. She’s wonderful at listening and giving me sessions that have cleared so many blocks, that leave me motivated, smiling, realigned, and on a clear path to where I wanted to go. I’m more of a private, figure things out on my own, person. It’s not easy for me to open up. She is such a warm spirit that I feel understood, seen and not judged, with whatever I come to the table with! She’s a pro with a heart of gold.


I can’t say enough things! Lol! You just have to try it for yourself and experience the wisdom from Carly. I’m grateful for her!”

- C. E.

I can't say enough good things! Carly opened my eyes to the world of EFT & everything it can help accomplish. The thing that impressed me the most about my sessions with Carly was how dedicated she was to remembering my feelings and what was achieved from one session to the next. Tapping is something you can do on your own but to have someone like Carly in your corner, being your guiding light through the process is what sold me on EFT. I highly recommend wither beginning or continuing your EFT journey with her!


- A. B

Thank you for introducing me to tapping, Carly! The feeling of worry or fear kept me from reaching personal and career goals. At the end of each session I felt good, calm and confident I could achieve my goals. Highly recommend this technique! Will continue to chose Carly for her expertise and guidance in Tapping.


-C. A.

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