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Explore & Manifest ​

Are you ready to forge a new path for yourself? Create new chapters to the story that is your life? Where you are designing your life based on your abundance, freedom, confidence, desires, passions, and self-expression? Explore and Manifest is created to assist you in breaking free from whatever isn't working right now and opening the door to unlimited possibility. You have a powerhouse within you, it may have been hidden, but it's always been there. Together, I help you tap into (literally) your truth and wisdom that is waiting for you to find them. You have the power within you, you just have to seek it, and choose to play. I am your guide on this journey to help you come back home within yourself, create a system to support your exploration at home, and learn to trust that which is within you. 

Series includes:

- (1) 40-minute Discovery session

- (12) 75-minute tapping sessions

- Numerology Reading 

- Reflect, Vibrate, Manifest Journal 

- Complete in 4 Months

Total: $1760.00 

**Payment Plans are an option offered on call 



The Voyage

The Voyage is a commitment to the journey of creating a new story for your life, one designed by your truth and freedom. Not only are you ready to forge a new path, taste a new horizon, but you are determined to turn this new sense of freedom into a consistent reality; leaving your past behind you and emerging as a creator that you are. This series is designed to invite yourself to play big in your life and become the victor of your reality. Get ready to have fun and become a witness to an empowered, confident, creative, passionate, and freer you. 

This series includes:

- (1) 40-minute Discovery session

- (20) 90-minute sessions

- Numerology Reading

- Reflect, Vibrate, Manifest Journal

- Complete in 6 Months


Total: $3,680.00

**Payment Plans are an option offered on call 


Numerology Reading

If you've been desiring a sense of direction, purpose, and connection to your vision, but you've been feeling lost, stuck and directionless numerology is a wonderful tool to guide you back in alignment with your sense of self and vision. Using your full birth name and birth day, numerology can give you insight into your destiny, what truly feeds your soul, what you can do daily to stay connected and on the path towards your destiny, as well as offer confirmation and confidence in how people see you and how to use your personality to connect with others. It also offers insight into what themes you will see for the year so you can support yourself in making the best of it. So, if you've been looking for a little nudge and support in reconnecting you to your higher self and vision this is perfect for you!


- Calculating and exploring your:

~ Life Path Number

~ Soul Number

~ Destiny Number

~ Personality Number

~ Personal Year Number 

- 1 Hour 

Total: $85

Group Tapping

Check out "Events" tab to see what events/groups I am currently doing.

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