The Explorer


Welcome beautiful, The Explorer is a beginner series designed to work on deconstructing one belief that is holding you back from your freedom and currently running your life undercover. All while creating and instilling a NEW belief that supports who you really are, and the life you dream of.

Series includes:

- (1) 35-minute Discovery session

- (6) 75-minute tapping sessions

- Completed in 10 Weeks



The Voyage


The Voyage is a commitment in the journey to your truth and freedom. This series is designed to work on two limiting beliefs that are currently running your life and keeping you caged in the rat race. You are ready to taste the fullness of life and take action in becoming the author of your adventure.

This series includes:

- (1) 35-minute Discovery session

- (11) 90-minute sessions

- Completed in 4 Months


Goddess Group Tapping

This group is created for community. Like minded women coming together for an hour to tap on their sh*t. Groups create a powerful energy and intention to learn, discover, breakthrough, and create. As a group, the energy is amplified, and there is a greater sense of peace knowing you aren't alone in your challenges on this journey called life. Come join this beautiful Breakthrough group where we take steps to more freedom in being our most true, wild, and expressed selves.  


1-hour Group Tapping