Explore & Manifest 


Are you ready to forge a new path for yourself? One where you are designing your life based on your freedom, confidence, desires, passions, and self-expression? Explore and Manifest is the perfect opportunity to break free from whatever isn't working right now and opening the door to unlimited possibility by tapping into your internal powerhouse. Because you have one, you just have to seek it, and choose to play.

Series includes:

- (1) 40-minute Discovery session

- (12) 75-minute tapping sessions

- Complete in 4 Months



The Voyage


The Voyage is a commitment to the journey of your truth and freedom. Not only are you ready to forge a new path, taste a new horizon, but you are determined to turn this new sense of freedom into a consistent reality; leaving your past behind you and emerging as a creator that you are. This series is designed to invite yourself to play big in your life and become the victor of your reality. Get ready to have fun, and become a witness to a freer you. 

This series includes:

- (1) 40-minute Discovery session

- (20) 90-minute sessions

- Complete in 6 Months


Group Tapping

Tuesday, October 25th, 2022

12:00 pm - 1:15 pm PST

New Moon in Scorpio! 

"Breaking the Veil and Manifesting your Deepest Desire"

Imagine what your life would be like if you were fully in your power.. how would your current reality be different? Imagine the sense of freedom, ambition, and confidence in yourself. 


During this live tapping and manifestation workshop, we will be working with the powerful New Moon in Scorpio energy by breaking the veil of our limitations, seeing where we have hidden within the depths of ourselves our greatest power, and we will invite this power to come to the surface and use it for good. We will play in the possibility of our desires and use the tools of tapping and manifestation to welcome them into our reality. Come join me in exploring the depths of “no-limitations" and see what your highest-self is calling on you to create.