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Alignment Program

Do you feel stuck, restricted, blocked, and suppressed when it comes to expressing your voice, needs, ideas, desires in your life, work, and relationships? 


Do you feel a tightness in your body and especially your throat when you think about speaking up or doing something for yourself?


Are you in a place where you've forgotten who you are, and what you even want because you have been putting others before yourself for so long, and lost touch with your own truth and desires? 

You are searching to remember, to feel, to express someone more alive than what you are feeling now. .

If that's a yes to any of those things, the Alignment program is designed to support you in re-aligning with who you really are. 

When we have unresolved trauma and constantly living in our fight/flight/freeze/fawn response it blocks us from experiencing any joy, freedom, confidence, and expression because we are in survival mode, and we are stuck in our traumas. 

But you don't need to stay stuck... You are NOT meant to stay stuck.. 

And this program is what helps you get unstuck, release past traumas that are weighing you down, and re-align with your confidence and expression so you can experience freedom, joy, and even excitement in life again. 

Series includes:

- (1) 40-minute Discovery session

- (8) 75-minute tapping sessions

- Astrology chart guidance

- Reflect, Vibrate, Manifest Journal 

- Complete in 4 Months

Total: $1,200.00 

**Payment Plans are an option offered on call 



Freedom Program

Are you ready to make a commitment to yourself, your freedom, and your future?


Are you ready to create a new story and evolution of your life designed from your truth and understanding that you are worthy, deserving, and good enough for an amazing life? 


Are you ready to not only forge a new path, taste a new horizon, but have the support to experience a complete metamorphosis; releasing your past and emerging as a creator and magnificent being that you are?


If that's a HELL YES, this program is designed to play big in your life, shed what no longer serves you, and become the victor and creator of your reality.


Get ready to dive in, have fun, shed your past, and become a witness to an empowered, confident, creative, passionate, authentically expressed, and freer you. 

This series includes:

- (1) 40-minute Discovery session

- (18) 90-minute sessions

- Astrology chart guidance

- Reflect, Vibrate, Manifest Journal

- Complete in 6 Months


Total: $3,200.00

**Payment Plans are an option offered on call 


Astrology Reading + EFT Tapping

Have you been feeling lost, stuck and directionless in life? 


Searching for that North Star, but you aren't sure how, where, and even question everything you are thinking?..


Astrology is a wonderful tool to guide you in re-aligning with your sense of self and vision, based on your cosmic blueprint, your whole birth chart.


Using your full birth name, birth date, birth time, and birth location, astrology can give you insight into your deepest lessons (which you are probably experiencing right now feeling stuck and unsure), know what truly feeds your soul, your highest path and purpose, and what helps you to breakthrough and expand!


A common response when I do astrology readings, is women feel:


- Confirmation in what they want

- Greater confidence in direction and next steps

- Seen, and a deeper remembering of who they are

- A greater understanding of even their greatest pain, and how to turn it in to power.


So, if you've been looking for a guidance, help, and support, look no further than the cosmos, ready and waiting for you to see your own truth and greatness.

- 75-minutes 

Total: $125

Group Tapping

Check out "Events" tab to see what events/groups I am currently doing.

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