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Freedom Following Fully Expressed Emotions

I’m so grateful to have tapping in my tool belt.

Growing up I judged myself so much when it came to experiencing my emotions. They were too big, too overwhelming, and I used to numb myself, “get over them” (or so I thought) by smoking weed.

I didn’t know how to process them in a healthy way and allowing myself to cry was so deep, vulnerable, and a full body experience that it seemed too scary to even try to process and feel.

I got a big wake up call when I was 19 when I broke out all over my body with psoriasis. It was so physically, emotionally, mentally painful I didn’t have any choice but to just cry. Tears would pour down my face, my mind spiraled into dark holes of self-loathing, angry at life, and feeling defeated.

Through time, I learned the harm in pushing down and avoiding my emotions that manifested and started to express itself in my body. I started to see the pattern I couldn’t ignore.

I WISH I had tapping back then. It would take me years before I finally stopped smoking to “self-soothe” but I’ve been sober for 8 years, tapping for 4 years, and giving myself the permission to cry and building a relationship with my emotions for 15 years.

My Psoriasis has been dormant for over 10 years, and I am the most emotionally free and I keep becoming more free than ever before.

It can still be a challenge and takes courage when I know I’m feeling something and carving out time to just feel it, and this is why I’m so grateful to have tapping.

If you struggle with experiencing your emotions, if it feels too big or scary, and you feel like you use vices to avoid them because you don’t have healthy tools to help yourself, I get it and I want to help you.

Tapping changed the game for me, and I see it’s loving power when I work with clients in being able to finally feel and love themselves through big emotions, stress, and experience emotional freedom on the other side.

If you’re ready to help yourself in becoming emotionally free, click the "Book Now" tab to book a free call so I can share with you how.

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