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You Are So Much More Than Your Trauma..  

Release your past trauma and drama so you can authentically, boldly, and confidently express the highest version of yourself.

Welcome Goddess

Did you know that you could actually live your life free from your past traumas?

And when you do, you not only show up differently in life, but you attract the..






That align with what you really want in life. 


But What We Don't Realize, Is We Are  Walking Around Projecting Our Trauma And Dysregulated Nervous System And Attracting More Of It...  

We drive ourselves crazy trying to change, but can't seem to break the cycle and manifest what we want, so we feel:




Not Good Enough/Unworthy/Undeserving



And so much more... 

Sound familiar?

I Have Great News For You.. 

You can change projecting your traumas by truly RELEASING your traumas and show your body, mind, and spirit what it means to be.. 








And a conscious manifestor of the life, relationships, career, money, soulmates that you truly desire. 

Kim J.

When I first started the program, I wasn’t present all of the time, my nervous system was pretty much 80% of the time on fire. I was 3/4 way going through a divorce. I was finding myself.

I love EFT tapping for somatic work to get the emotion out of the body, adding the Matrix reprinting is so powerful, you are able to rewrite the script.

The matrix work absolutely helps in releasing trauma. The re-wiring the imprint and taking charge of the situation is priceless. The trauma or incident could be all of 3 minutes however really take a hold over someone, so to be able to have the opportunity to to go in and take those 3 minutes back and be in charge is very powerful.

I am now expressing myself confidently, authentic, and from the heart. I don’t have any resentment or ill will feelings towards ex-husband or others. I am still learning, but now I have a roadmap and guide to better direct me.


Tapping taught me not only how to hold myself and be compassionate towards myself during times I feel triggered or just have an emotion, but it taught me that I have so much power in determining and changing my life. We often forget how much autonomy we really have in this lifetime, especially when we carry around old wounds. This is what Carly and I got to do together in our work together. She guided me through the process of reclaiming my inner child who was frozen in trauma memories- she helped me go back to her and save her.

Caitlyn P.

I felt like I was stagnating in my progress with my health and healing my digestive issues. I felt like I had outgrown my therapist. And at that point, I had done a one-off session with Carly, and knew that with her help, I could expand and grow into the person I felt I was being held back from. As we tapped, new layers would reveal themselves, and we would have to work on those, often going into the matrix. Past experiences that were seemingly unrelated had a lot to do with the beliefs I was resisting. The matrix work is wild because I saw scenarios, we created in the matrix show up in my present life. I surprised myself. I have confidence in my body, I also noticed I feel more secure in my relationships and less anxious and isolated. I no longer am hiding behind who I thought I was.  

Some Examples.. 

If you are tired of living your life from your trauma, and wanting to experience life feeling freedom, creation, and expression...

I would love to show you how..

Alignment Program

Just starting this Journey..


Let's get you re-aligned!

Freedom Program

You're ready to go deep, transform, and breakthrough. 

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