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It's Scary Taking the Next Step

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

"I am training you to trust me at all times and circumstances. Trust that I know what I'm doing and take the next step."

It's scary taking the next step. Especially when you don't see where you are going or there is no guaranteed sign of success, and financial stability. It's an interesting place to be in your life when you are so burned out with your current situation, for me it was work, you wish, dream, imagine a life that is more passionate and purpose filled. I would say things like:

"I am so exhausted and uninspired by life right now. I feel like I can't say no to work because..

1. I don't want to let clients down

2. I don't want to say no to opportunity and "cut off the flow of abundance"

3. I am a freelancer/entrepreneur and I don't know where my next job will come in

4. The money

5. I'm sure I have many more thoughts that i'm just leaving it open to be here..

and now I am just living day to day, feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and honestly I feel resentful."

My self-care was going down the drain, and I thought, ok.. I NEED to start saying no.. so I can say YES to the work I really want to do, work that I feel fulfilled by, tapping.

I start saying no.. and then an interesting thing happened, work I had scheduled started to get cancelled.

Freak out mode started to kick in..

  1. What am I DOING?!

  2. How am I going to make money?!

  3. Did I F*** up my flow?!

  4. Holy Sh*T, WTF, what is happening

  5. I'm not ready.. I take it back... give me work again..

  6. Am I going to survive

  7. Does this mean I am unworthy?

  8. Did I make a mistake/AM I making a mistake

  9. What am I doing to do with all this time now?

This list goes on..

In between freak out thoughts I have a small voice saying:

  1. Carly, you're going to be ok

  2. This time is being given for you to focus on what you really wanted..

  3. This is the time to grow

  4. This is the time to dedicate to YOURSELF and PROVE to yourself that you are not only capable, but you can live your life of passion, purpose, and truth.

  5. This is some good A** content.. write this shit down so others can learn from your challenges and know they aren't alone.

  6. I know it's scary to take steps toward your dreams and standing for what you really want, ESPECIALLY when everything you've built, and lived the last decade, starts to fall away, keep putting in the work


#TRUST is a big word for me.

Giving up control do something unseen, listening with my heart. I know it is a life long lesson, because we are not taught to listen from our heart.. Listening from our heart can a lot of the times, look like the harder choice.. but the rewards in the end are so much more fulfilling.

We are taught that listening to our hearts can be foolish, dangerous, and impractical. I think there's a difference though when there's heart with action. And also the difference between heart, and romancing. That may be a discussion on it's own.. and honestly what tapping has given me, the distinction between heart and romancing.

I leave with this thought. I KNOW following your passion, purpose, and truth is not the easiest road. I KNOW it is not easy to watch the life you've built start to crumble and the insecurity that comes with seeing no guaranteed security in front of you. I KNOW the feeling and the moments when you say, "Just kidding, this is scary, I don't like it, and I want that old life back."

Just remember this in the voice of who ever you believe in, whatever you believe in:

I am training you to TRUST ME at all times and circumstances. Trust that I know what i'm doing and take the next step.

You are not alone, what step can you do today that makes you a centimeter closer to living your passion, purpose filled life?

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