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How Do You Sit With Your Inner Critic? What Resists Persists.

I'm reading Playing Big, by Tara Mohr and in the intro she says:

" simply need to learn how to live with the inner voice of self-doubt but not be held back by it, to hear the voice and not take direction from it."

This is what I love about tapping, tapping ACKNOWLEDGES that inner critic and/or self-doubt, fear, shame, resistance, whatever emotion or thought you are trying to not think about. This is also why I have my motto for tapping as "get out of your head tap into your heart" because your critic lives in your head, when we tap, it slows and QUIETS down that mental critic so you can hear the truth of the matter, spoken from your heart.

We do our best to look perfect, to look like we aren't stressed, to look like we have our shit together, to look like we are ok and not possibly freaking out inside about work, family, relationships, or life. We FIGHT with our inner critic hoping, expecting it will back down and that we can control it. Curious, has that worked out for you?

The statement what resists persists couldn't be more true. When we can acknowledge what we are resisting, bring attention to it, let it know we see, hear, and feel it, we give ourselves the opportunity to let it go and CHANGE THE NARRATIVE.

I know when I am upset, scared, in fear I just want someone to hear me, and when I share what I am feeling, I usually feel better. When I am upset, scared, in fear and I CAN'T express myself, feel ALONE, or I can't share, those feelings often get worst and are accompanied with anger and resentment. ME AND MY INNER CRITIC ACT THE SAME. If my inner critic feels like it is alone, being resisted, or can't speak.. GIRL WILL ACT OUT! She will go wild, and pull me down with her. If I show up, face, and sit with my inner critic and doubt (usually this happens when I am tapping) and say, "I hear, acknowledge, see, and feel you.. AND it's ok.. I GOT YOU, I AM SHOWING UP FOR YOU, I HEAR YOU ARE SCARED, AND I STILL ACCEPT YOU" she usually calms down.. she just wants to be heard and not resisted.

I think we will drive ourselves mad trying to "get rid" of our inner critic and self-doubt. But, I do believe we can sit with it, and choose to tell our own story that says, I show up for me. I can get through this, and even though I may be feeling _____ about myself and my situation, I am open to the possibility of seeing this from another lens and another light. Thank you inner critic for showing me where I still feel ___, I can take it from here..."


Get out of your head and tap into your heart.

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