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"I am Powerful"

There once was a girl who thought she had no power.

She looked in the mirror and saw nothing there.

She prayed for her strength every day, but everything, she felt, stayed the same.

Then one day on the darkest of nights, there was no flicker, not even star lights.

Her fear overcame her saying, “this is the end.”

But then a very quiet voice stirred from deep within.

“You are not alone my love,” this voice said to her.

“I’ve been here all along. I’ve tried to speak, shout, and show you signs, but the voices around you were too loud.

I had to shut everything off and crumble things to the ground, so you could see there is nothing here but you and me.

I know it has been long, and you have lost your way, but I’m here to tell you it is time for a new day.

Follow me and you will see, there is much more than your eye will believe.

For I have the power to create all you desire, but you must believe in me.

I am within you and there is nothing we can’t do.

Converse with me and I will show you a journey where your heart will sing.

Converse with me, and you will see.

Seek me, and I will never let you down.

Remember, we are together.”

A flicker began to spark, this warmth within her expanding, emanating light outside her body and the life outside of her started to become clear.

New colors she had never seen began to reveal themselves and show her new things.

She ran to the mirror and for the first time she saw light looking back at her, with the voice whispering, “I am here.”

Today is your reminder loves that you have all the power of the Universe and the Divine within you. It can be easy to forget just how powerful we are. No matter what is happening externally, you always have the well of unlimited strength and power within you. Seek within and reconnect with the powerful Divine being within you and remember together you are greater than apart.


I am powerful, and I have all the power within me."

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