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Lion's Heart

It’s LEO Season!!! As a a fellow Leo, it’s been a journey embracing my inner Lioness, understanding her mission and calling, and allowing her to play and express BIG. I am a believer in the power of knowledge (my Gemini Rising) and Astrology is a great tool to utilize in understanding your life’s work and mission. I also believe in the importance of looking at your chart as a whole, versus looking in the most recent magazine at what your sun sign tips are for the month.

When I started my EFT Tapping Certification, I personally dove into my chart. I was reading many different books, decks, and getting readings ( check out @newmooncreativeco ) to see other’s points of view and knowledge of my blueprint.

In my studying, I learned a new view of our Sun Sign which can be seen as our mission and sharing greater insights into our purpose. I always thought of the Sun as showing our “personality” but it goes so much deeper than that.

One of my favorite descriptions I read of Sun in Leo is from the @numinous_books Astrology Deck, and it is described as:

“Leo’s central mission invites us to pledge allegiance to our pumping hearts, and to answer the demands of our pulsating passions, regardless of how our childlike self-expression may be received. Play is a form of prayer for this feral fire baby.”

I think I cried when I first read that because at the time I was trying to figure out my “niche” and who, what, and how I wanted to help others as an EFT Practitioner/ Women's Coach. This description sang to my heart.

Helping women to live from their passion and creativity, unapologetic self-expression, and inviting playfulness into their daily life.. this brings me true joy and alignment to my heart.

When I think of Leo season I imagine vibrating creativity, unapologetic self-expression, self-love/care/ appreciation, movement/action, childlike playfulness and innocence, love, warmth, inspiration, worthiness, passion, and strength/fearlessness in taking action on our dreams.

This is the perfect time to play and call in these vibrations right now! Utilize this powerful energy that is already available to you and swirling around us.

Again, practice asking for what you want daily and choose a vibration to go with it!

EX: Today I am asking for _________________ , and I am vibrating __________ .

More specific example: (for all my freelancers out there)

"Today I am asking for a new paying client, and I am vibrating Wealth! Expertise! Freedom! Self-Expression! and Joy!"

Now you try :).

Wishing you lots of love, magic, success, creativity, inspiration, and joy this Leo Season!

Remember, you have the power to create your reality, and in fact, you already are creating your reality. So, if you don't like what you are living, seeing, and being choose to ask and vibrate something different today, because what you've been doing can use an upgrade. You deserve it, and you are worthy.

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