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Manifest Today With The Power of Lion's Gate 8/8

Lion's Gate is today!! 8/8!!

What does Lion's Gate mean?

Astrologically it means the Sun in Leo is aligned with the star Sirius, Orion's Belt Constellation (I used to always look for this constellation as a kid), and planet Earth.

This alignment creates an opportunity to manifest powerful and positive changes.

So, how can we utilize this portal?!


This is a time to get really honest with ourselves. Sometimes the biggest challenges we can face is our own honesty and truth of our heart's desires and what we want in life.

We get too caught up in our own fear of failure that we convince ourselves that we don’t “need” to play big, or “it’s ok where we are at now” but deep down we desire something more, we are unsatisfied with the life we are living but we are too afraid to admit it to ourselves and we don’t know how to get from where we are to where we want to be.

Think of Lion’s gate as a bridge to help us accelerate and move forward.

We get to step outside our comfort zone trusting that outside that line lies our freedom, unapologetic self-expression, joy, and deep connection to our soul and purpose.

Try being intentional this day, light a candle, say a prayer, write down these questions and answer them with all your heart:

  1. This Lion’s gate portal my heart asks for _______________ , because ____________, and so I am asking for _______________.

  2. What I really want from life is ___________________ , because _______________, and so I am asking for __________________.

  3. What really matters most to me, with all my heart, is _______________, because __________________ and so I ask for ____________.

Give it a kiss and give it up to the stars, trusting all you had to do was ask, and whatever you ask for, is given.

If you notice yourself experiencing any fear, or doubt, practice saying (and tapping while you say):

“I am vibrating receptivity, I am vibrating receptivity, I am vibrating receptivity”

Until you notice yourself quieting the mental chatter and opening up to the ever flowing, ever abundant energy of the Universe.

Happy Lion’s Gate Goddesses!

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