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Do Less, Payoff More!

Hello Beautiful Goddesses!

This morning I did a POWERFUL exercise from the book “Work Less, Make More” by Jennifer White. (SCROLL BELOW TO SEE THE EXERCISE)

Our time is valuable and we only have 24 hours a day and 168 hours a week. How much time do you think you spend on “doing” activities that don’t support you in moving forward in your goals? And when I say goals, it can be career goals, relationship goals, self-care goals, you name it, any goal that aligns you to living your Goddess life.

As I’ve announced, I am transitioning into an added career of EFT #Tapping. Helping women deconstruct and break free from their limited and disempowering beliefs. I work with women on emotionally freeing themselves from their past, present, and future fears and stressors around their career, self-care, and relationships using #EFT / #emotionalfreedomtechniques.

One of the most challenging aspects of this career transition is letting go of what I’ve built over the last 16 years with my career in makeup and hair; so I can create SPACE for my passion in EFT to step in and root.

It’s not easy to break a decade plus routine of life. How many times have you said, “I’m going to make the change (in whatever area of your life)..” Only to STILL find yourself not that far from where you were before?

I “think” I am putting time towards getting my passion off the ground, and some weeks are better than others…but then I did this exercise this morning, and I was saying out loud OMG, it’s really time to make some shifts in where I put my FOCUS and ATTENTION.

I LOVE numbers because to me they are facts, truth, they are what they are. Seeing the hours I put in doing work for my passion last week was eye opening. It made me see that I AM TRULY RESPONSIBLE for my own progress and if I want to launch sooner, I need to start prioritizing my time. THE TIME IS THERE, it’s a matter of where I choose to shave off “doing” activities and REPLACE IT WITH PAYOFF ACTIVITIES (***Payoff activities are activities that by doing them you are adding TREMENDOUS VALUE to your goals).

I saw this exercise as relatable to all genre of goals. Being aware of where your time is going is incredibly VALUABLE, so check out the exercise above to see where you are putting your time and how can you make some shifts in consciously putting your time doing PAYOFF activities.

I would love to hear what you discovered with this exercise so please share in the comments! We all learn from each other, so your insights might help others!

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