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Emotions Are Neither Bad or Good

For a long time we’ve been taught to identify our emotions as either “bad” or “negative” or “good.” I have a different way of approaching and thinking about emotions that can help you to be at peace with them and actually USE THEM to your benefit.


Emotions are a guidance system, they are constant indicators of either your resistance or “allowing/receiving/in flow” of your desires.

Emotions AREN’T good or bad.. THEY ARE A GUIDANCE SYSTEM trying to communicate to you energetically if you are being true to yourself, being true to who you are, or not.

Every emotion you feel is about the alignment or misalignment, flow or resistance to that which you desire. So instead of labeling an emotion as “bad” or “negative” TRY INSTEAD TO ASK YOURSELF:

What’s out of alignment for me right now?

What doesn’t feel true to me?

What am I resisting?

Your emotions are a system to work FOR YOU so start seeing them as a tool in bringing you back into alignment with your joy, happiness, truth, love, creativity, and greatness.

This is exactly what EFT/Tapping helps you do, it is a tool to help you come back into alignment with your flow and truth by breaking up the current resistance by creating ease, release, and freedom to your “bad” / “negative” / “unwanted and uncomfortable” emotion.


It is the perfect tool in breaking up the resistance and bringing you back into flow.

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