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Follow Through in 2022!

Happy Thanksgiving Goddesses! Can you believe we are already at the END of 2021?!

Christmas will be here in what seems like tomorrow and the New Year is here in a snap of our fingers. I love getting excited about what my new goals will be and reviewing what I accomplished in the past year.

I ALSO know that New Year goals can be a handful of different emotions like:

Excitement, encouragement, a push, disappointment, discouragement, fear, doubt and MANY of our limiting beliefs begin to surface at this time.. They can sound something like:

"You didn't do it last year, what makes you think 2022 will be different."

"That's a REALLY big goal... do you think that's realistic? Too big?"

"This goal seems impossible, how is that really going to happen?"

"That seems hard, maybe scale it down a bit.."

Fast forward 4 months into 2022.. this is when you KNOW your limiting beliefs are at play because you've either:

Quit your goal, "it was too hard/challenging, it wasn't working and I wasn't seeing results."

Forgot about your goal, "I did it the first month and then I just forgot about it."

Or, you are straight up avoiding your goal, "I'll start when I have the time, money, etc."

Any of these sound familiar? I am 100% guilty of these, and I am no perfect Saint. It's why I have my own EFT Practitioner who I see at least monthly to commit myself to constantly facing my hidden blocks and limiting beliefs. If you like to review your goals, ask yourself for whatever goals you didn't reach, "why do I think I didn't reach that goal?" Write your response down, THAT'S PROBABLY ONE OF YOUR LIMITING BELIEFS.

I believe we ALL need support in being our best selves because let's be honest, there is a TON of distraction in our world like Netflix with Ben and Jerry :), spending time with family/friends, work, kids, and responsibilities. It PAYS off having people on your side reminding you of your greatness and helping you face your blocks so you can keep creating breakthroughs in your life.

This is THE BEST TIME to start tapping. Tapping literally changes your GENE EXPRESSION! (Thats a whole other post TBD :)) And can serve you in FINALLY breaking free from those blocks. Let's face the resistance to dreaming big for your 2022 goals, let's face the doubt that you can't reach your goals, let's face the inner mean girl who wants to keep you "safe" and small.

Remember, you don't have to do it alone, and GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD, TAP INTO YOUR HEART! Your greatness stands behind your being small.

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